Korres Production

Korres Production



KORRES Quality Programs

The highest principle of KORRES is quality: Korres sees itself as a pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical guidelines apply to the production processes. The KORRES skin care formulations are manufactured on the basis of very strict regulations, which are usually more restrictive than for pharmaceuticals. This also applies to the complete material management including logistics, storage, production and distribution.

The extraction plant operates according to the KORRES "No Waste" operating principles and bears various "green" certificates, including ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, ISO 22716:2007 for good manufacturing practice, ECOCERT for organic and natural cosmetics and ISO 14001:2004 for the environmental management system.

Purest water

Almost all cosmetic products contain water. The use of pure, bacteria-free water in the cosmetic manufacturing process is mandatory. Certified clean water is the basis for the development of every safe formulation to get by with the least possible preservatives and the basis for safe products.

The pharmaceutical industry proposes the use of water with a conductivity of up to 4.3 μS / cm (micro siemens per cm) according to the European Pharmacopoeia. KORRES uses water with a conductivity of 0.8 μS / cm, five times as clean as required in Europe. In its quest for the highest quality, KORRES has created a water treatment plant at its plant to produce the purest water for which KORRES formulations can be used. The technique used by KORRES is called double reverse osmosis and is combined with UV ultraviolet sterilisation. The same technique is similar to that used in kidney transplant units. This water sterilization unit is checked daily and electronically, but also manually. There are approximately 10 control points to ensure that all standards are met. Local and international inspection authorities have described this unit as "exemplary".



How KORRES produces - Insights during a tour of the KORRES plant in Athens