Where everything startet: NAXOS ISLANDS


Naxos island is the inspiration for the first ever KORRES product. The biggest and most fertile Cyclades island in the Aegean, known as the hiding place for Zeus, the God of Sky and Thunder, till he reached manhood; also known as the island Theseus abandonded princess Ariadne on, after the killing of the Minotaur. 

The first KORRES product is an aromatic herbal syrup with honey and aniseed, a recipe inspired by «rakomelon», a warming spirit-with-honey concoction, which George’s grandfather used to favour in his hometown on the island of Naxos

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Naxos Island was the holiday residence of Martin Zinger, innately working as manager in the IT industry in US and Germany. From his trips to Naxos he always brought back home a suitcase with Korres products as greek travel souvenirs. His friends in Germany were totally enthusiastic about the products. This brought to him the idea of ​​a Korres store in Germany. In 2008 he startet to realize his dream and opened the first KORRES Brand Store in Kassel/Germany together with his daughter Wibke Birk, a former journalist and mother of two.

KORRES STORE in Kassel/Germany today

KORRES STORE in Kassel/Germany is the largest KORRES Brand Store in Europe. For KORRES Online-Shoppers www.korres-store.de is the first adress in Central Europe. Kassel/Germany is an ideal base for 24-hours delivery to Central European countries because of its central location and excellent transport connections. KORRES Fans love www.korres-store.de because of the huge selection and the lightning-fast delivery times.



Angeliki Vlassis - Architect and member of Athens DOKUMENTA 2017 Team:

I was totally suprised when I saw the KORRES STORE in Kassel for the first time. This is unbelievable, as a Greek I love and use the KORRES products which are available in Greece in nearly every pharmacy. But such a huge range of Korres products I have never seen befor in Greece at one single place. The KORRES STORE in Kassel is a heaven for all KORRES Fans like me. There are now two reasons for a trip to Kassel: The DOKUMENTA Exhibition in 2017 and the KORRES STORE 



Any help needed ? Just ask KORRES STORE Manager Wibke Birk www.wibke@korres-store.de Phone: +49 561 8104288