Professional Kohl Eyeliner / Black Volcanic Minerals

Professional Kohl Eyeliner / Black Volcanic Minerals

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1 g = 9.00 €

Eyeliner for intense and durable black for framing and shading the eyes.

The pencil is gentle on the skin and glides smoothly when applied. Ideal for Smoky Eyes.

Eyeliner. Black volcanic minerals provide deep black and strengthen the eyelashes, ceramides, mother-of-pearl powder, beeswax, vitamins A and E strengthen the skin and make it soft and supple and improve hydration.

Main active ingredients:

- Black volcanic minerals with invigorating properties such as potassium, magnesium, sodium and zinc. They strengthen the lashes and improve their condition, keep their moisture at an optimal level, maintain their flexibility and prevent brittleness.

- As natural lipids, ceramides form an effective protective barrier against moisture loss and protect sensitive skin.

- Pearl powder improves the hydration and suppleness of the skin, while the contained trace elements regenerate and strengthen.

- Beeswax has an antioxidant effect, revitalises the sensitive eye area and provides long-lasting protection.

- Vitamin C and vitamin E have pronounced antioxidant properties and provide the skin with valuable nutrients.


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