Lip Butter Jasmin 6 g

Lip Butter Jasmin 6 g

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The origin of its name lies in the Arabian word yasmin and the Persian word yasaman, both of which take ‘front seat’ in numerous legends of the ancient East; stories like the one about the Chinese riverboats that sailed the river Yangtze and offered rich merchants and mandarins the services of beautiful courtesans who wore jasmine flowers and roses in their hair. Aromatherapists today, following on from the findings of ancient doctors and physicians, believe that the regular use of jasmine essential oil boosts self-confidence and helps one break free from the grip of mild depression. Of course, they do not disregard jasmine’s association with sensuality; where sexual invigoration is required, they dilute the oil in vegetable oil and use it for massages. The exact same recipe offers invaluable services to beauty care, as it helps nourish and tone dry, sensitive skin and revive prematurely aged skin.


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