Advanced Argan Oil Permanent Hair Colorant 5.6 Red Light Brown

Advanced Argan Oil Permanent Hair Colorant 5.6 Red Light Brown

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Permanent Argan Oil Advancd Colorant for full white/grey hair coverage, offering vibrant, long lasting colour while treating and protecting hair against damage.

Developed with:

  • Pigment-lock technology that locks colour in the hair without the use of ammonia. A controlled oxidation mechanism allows micro-colorants to easily penetrate the hair and once 'trapped'  inside to undergo oxidation, forming large coloured molecules that offer intense colour which does not fade.
  • Argan oil and natural keratin act in the deeper hair layers restore moisture levels and protect against damage.
  • Out extract, rich in B complex vitamins and microminerals, forms a protective film, increasing hair strength and elasticity.

​Ammonia free/PDD free/Parabens free/Silicones Free/Mineral Oil free/Resorconol free

Dermatologically testet.


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