Anisum & Eucalyptus toothpaste 1+1 Set 2 x 75 ml

Anisum & Eucalyptus toothpaste 1+1 Set 2 x 75 ml

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Whitening toothpaste, combined bleaching and cleaning effect 

The active coconut oil derivative contained in this toothpaste has exceptional whitening properties and removes plaque without damaging tooth enamel.

Aniseed protects against caries and plaque and has an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect.

Essential eucalyptus oil has an antiseptic effect and provides lasting fresh breath.

Ingredients: Anise, eucalyptus, coconut oil and fluoride in highly absorbable form (sodium fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate 1450 ppm F).

The environmental tip of KORRES STORE: Avoid microplastics !

In conventional toothpaste and peelings microplastics are almost always hidden as abrasives. The small plastic beads are so difficult to remove from the ecosystem that they are even detected in sea salt. KORRES uses abrasives made of ground olive stones, which as natural substances do not pollute our ecosystem. 

About Eucalyptus:

The eucalyptus tree is originally from Australia, it was first planted in Greece in 1864 in the Athens Botanical Garden and then spread very quickly due to its healing properties. The essential oil from the leaves of the tree has an antiseptic and anti-microbial effect, inhibits inflammation and provides a balanced oral flora and anti-inflammatory action. Its characteristic aroma gives freshness to the breath.

 Compatible with homeopathy.

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