KORRES Innovations - Milestones of innovative n...

KORRES Innovations - Milestones of innovative natural cosmetics




The KORRES research and development team consists of scientists from a variety of disciplines: biologists, pharmacists, homeopaths, chemical engineers, dermatologists. The research covers all stages of the development process: analysis of the plant ingredients, isolation of the active ingredients, standardization of the quality of the extracts and development of the manufacturing processes using the most modern industrial methods.

The KORRES research and development team closely cooperates in the scientific field with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Athens. A main focus of the research cooperation is the scientific processing of the healing powers of plants from the Greek flora. The Greek flora is the world's richest in species and comprises more than 5,600 plants, 3,000 of which are almost exclusively native to Greece, a part of which has not yet been researched.


Pioneering KORRES innovations for efficient natural cosmetics


Wild Rose


KORRES Wild Rose was the first 24-hour facial moisturizer and as one of the first KORRES cosmetic products, it has been a bestseller from the beginning until today.

Wild Rose oil is a widely used ingredient in Korres products that moisturizes the skin. The particularly high vitamin C content provides a radiant complexion, repairs fine wrinkles and pigmentation disorders. The high content of linoleic acid provides moisturizing, healing and smoothing skin care properties. 




The healing and caring properties of yoghurt have been known for generations. A particular challenge was to integrate real, edible Greek yoghurt into cosmetic products. Korres does not use yoghurt powder for this, but actually uses real edible yoghurt. This extremely difficult process was a development that Lena Korres pushed forward. The integration of real, edible Greek yogurt as an ingredient is still unique in KORRES products worldwide and is protected by patents.  


Golden Krocus


The saffron plant, also known as corkus, grows in Kozani, the so-called 'crocus village' in northern Greece. There, optimal growing conditions are found due to sparse, calcareous soils, and the saffron cultivated there is considered the world's best saffron. The crocus plant blooms only once a year for two weeks and makes the fields shine in beautiful purple.

Every year in October the farmers of Kozani pick crocuses one by one by hand. Early in the morning or late in the evening is the best time for harvesting, as the vegetable oils of the crocuses reach their highest concentration. After sunset the families sort the stamens and stigma of the crocus flowers. This is an extremely demanding procedure that requires a lot of experience. It is done by hand to preserve the potential antioxidants of this rare and precious spice.

About 150,000 plants must be processed for 1 kg of dried stigmas. For this reason, saffron is considered the most precious and expensive spice in the world, which in the past has fetched even higher prices than gold !

The precious saffron threads are processed fresh every day. Already one day after the harvest, the precious extract enters the formula, so that each vessel of the Golden Crocus Elixir contains the highest possible concentration of effective saffron antioxidants.


KORRES Haircare


With its hair care products, KORRES contradicts the widespread opinion that silicones are necessary to protect and shine hair. Silicones are not biodegradable and the silicone film weighs down the hair and makes it look 'floppy'. KORRES has succeeded in creating a protective film for the hair with the help of herbal ingredients, which is healthier and more efficient than conventional silicones. Herbs from the mountains of Crete care for and protect your hair.

Black Pine


With the Black Pine product line, KORRES succeeded in combining two innovations: The biology of proteasomes, driven by quercetin (KORRES patent) and the biology of matrix metalloproteases (MMP's) with the use of black pine polyphenols (KORRES innovation). The Black Pine product line revolutionized the anti-ageing care for skin over 50+ and combines the following care properties:

  • Firming and maintaining the facial contours
  • Immediate lifting effect
  • wrinkle reduction
  • Moisturising care and a fresh complexion



The new Castanea Arcadia collection is a global innovation in antiaging. For the first time the strong anti-wrinkle power of the pure 
Lupeol integrated into a cosmetic formula. The natural Lupeol is obtained from chestnut leaves from the region of Arcadia in the Pelepones 
and is one of the most powerful antioxidants and provides preventive and corrective anti-wrinkle functions. KORRES Lab developed the innovative molecule 
Active HALupeol, an active hyaluronic acid matrix transfers pure Lupeol into the deeper layers of the skin for a targeted and effective treatment. 
An innovative, powerful anti-wrinkle molecule that fights against wrinkles in all dimensions - depth, width, surface.