This is Naxos

An island in the heart of the Aegean Sea, with imposing mountain massifs and fertile valleys, inhabited by cheerful people and full of beauty that enchants visitors. You will meet authentic mountain villages, 40 km sandy beaches with crystal clear water, and antique monuments.

Hospitality and friendliness have a long tradition in Naxos. In Naxos you can find all the proverbial Greek hospitality and feel the 'Greek spirit'



There are many reasons to travel to Naxos, here are the three most frequently mentioned:

The beaches


The beaches of Naxos are the longest sandy beaches in the European Mediterranean area, their names are Prokopios, Plaka, Mikri Vigla, Kastraki, Aliko, Pirkagi. Some beaches have a background with sandy dunes, some are lonely and some offer busy life with tavernas and sunshades and all have crystal clear water. Tripadvisor ranked Naxos' Plaka Beach among the top ten beaches worldwide. 

Antique monuments




Personal Tips for Naxos travelers - selected by Korres Store

Eat and drink


Scirocco is an institution in Naxos. Located in the very busy center at Court square in Naxos Town. They offer a modern Greek cuisine with an international touch, everything from their menu card has a wonderful taste. You should also try the fantastic greek wines, our favorite are Assyrtiko from Santorini (white) and the Grand Reserva from Porto Carras (red). 


Cedar Bar at Plaka Beach is a wonderful place to relax just a few meters ahead of the crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea. The soothing music playing in the background offers an extremely relaxed atmosphere where you could stay the whole day. The lounge bar serves breakfast, snacks and salads, cocktails and coffees. Our favorite is the mango-salad.   


Rotonda is located in the mountains of Naxos between the villages Filoti and Apiranthos. In the antique mythology the Naxos mountains were assumed to be the home of god Zeus. And indeed the breathtaking view in Rotonda gives you a feeling like God Zeus by overlooking the Island of Naxos and the surrounding Cycladic islands. But the gigantic view is not the only reason for a trip to Rotonda, it is also the kitchen, offering Greek gourmet cuisine at it's best.

Learn more from National Geographic: Eat like a god on this sun-soaked Greek island





Agora Inside 

AGORA in Naxos Town. Secretly Greece has become of one of the most inspiring fashion countries in recent years. In Agora you will find the very best Greece fashion labels like Ioanna Kourbella, Stelios Koudounaris, mariO,  La vaca locaAthena Procopiou - click on the label names to see more

Greek Olive Oil


In recent years Greek olive oil companies have unveiled new, innovative brands while stepping up the quality of their products. Many of them got international awards. The Deli-Store NAXOS TRADITIONAL DAIRY by Manolis Koufopoulos in Naxos Town offers the very best organic Greek extra virgin oils. Olive Oil from Kalamata with a fine harmonic flavor, Olive Oil from Creta with a more strong flavor or from the Cycladic islands with a fine bitter flavor.



The roots of KORRES lead to Naxos, where George Korres's grandfather produced 'rakomelon' an aromatic herbal syrup. Korres is in Greece an exclusive pharmacy product and at Naxos every pharmacy is offering Korres products. For Naxos travelers, the Korres products are popular souvenirs. Because in Korres' homeland the products can be bought with a 20% - 30 % price advantage it is a good chance for Korres fans to stock up on Korres products in Naxos pharmacies.   

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Grafitti Art

In the south of the island lies the beach Alyko, where 50 years ago it was started to build a hotel complex that was never completed, the shell buildings are still there and are abandoned to decay. Graphic artists from all over the world have discovered this scene for themselves and one can admire there large-format Grafitti wall pictures.

grafitti_naxos_5Foto: Brigitte Zinger