Red Grape Body Oil SPF20 100ml

Red Grape Body Oil SPF20 100ml

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Lightweight sunscreen body oil with an easily absorbed, velvety texture. Boosted with Red Grape oil and Alaria Esculenta extract, a rich source of fatty acids, it improves skin elasticity, firms and helps prevent signs of premature ageing. A rich blend of Walnut, Sunflower, Coconut and sweet Almond oil keeps the skin soft and supple, providing an even tone and a youthful look.


A 5-in-1 high performance sunscreen body line with Red Grape oil and Alaria Esculenta extract that protects skin under the sun, while providing a youthful, radiant look and smooth skin texture; - high protection against UVA / UVB, - action against premature ageing, by fighting free radicals and reducing oxidative stress caused by sun exposure, - firming / skin elasticity increase, - hydration & nourishment, - uniform tan.


RED GRAPE / A rare grape cultivar which has red flesh and red juice due to a high anthocyanin content and is tolerant to strong UV radiation. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers. Red Grape protects against photoageing.

CURCUMA LONGA / It helps regulate melanin synthesis and has been proven to both prevent and restore age spots.

GARDEN CRESS EXTRACT & SOY ISOFLAVONES / They promote collagen synthesis, moisturize and help smooth wrinkles, while offering radiance and even skin tone.

BETA-GLUCANS / Polysaccharides that enhance the defence mechanism of the skin for its optimum protection against oxidative stress and other environmental factors. They have antiwrinkle action, while also improving skin elasticity, firmness and texture.

VITAMIN E / It has strong antioxidant action, improves skin texture and hydration levels, while it is a natural shield against UV radiation.

ALARIA ESCULENTA / Rich in linoleic acid and ω-3 fatty acids, it’s an excellent moisturising and antioxidant ingredient, that improves skin elasticity.

NATURAL POLYSACCHARIDES / They increase skin elasticity, having moisturising properties, and contribute in skin recovery after sun exposure.

NATURAL OILS COMPLEX / Organic Carrot, Coconut and Hazelnut oils enhance the tanning process, while the combination of Sunflower and Almond oils protects against premature ageing, nourishes and maintains skin softness and elasticity.

PROVITAMIN Β5 / It has a powerful water-binding effect, acting as a skin moisturizer, improving skin texture.

AVOCADO BUTTER / It is instantly absorbed by the skin with exceptional emollient, nourishing and moisturising properties.

UVA & UVB protection. Dermatologically tested. Protection against photoageing. Water and sweat resistant.

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