Your advantages as a KORRES STORE VIP customer:
12 % permanent discount on all purchases at KORRES-STORE.DE

Valid for the entire assortment

Save twice: Also applies to already reduced items, including the 1+1 offers and Bestprice offers


It's that easy to become a KORRES VIP customer:
Order once for at least 50 € at korres-store.de and enter the voucher code VIP2019 

Your invoice amount is automatically reduced by 12 %

You will then receive the KORRES VIP CARD free of charge with your order.

The KORRES VIP CARD contains a voucher code on the back, with which you can then always buy with 12 % discount.

No minimum order value for all subsequent purchases with the KORRES VIP CARD



Questions and answers about KORRES STORE VIP CARD:


What is so special about the KORRES STORE VIP CARD ? 
Contrary to some of the special offers that are offered every now and then, the KORRES STORE VIP CARD gives you a permanent and problem-free discount of 12%.  KORRES STORE VIP customers always buy at a preferential price. 

How do I become a VIP member ?
You receive the KORRES VIP CARD after a one-time purchase with a minimum order value of 50 €, for the first purchase from 50 € you already receive the discount of 12 % with the voucher code VIP2019. The KORRES VIP CARD is automatically added to all orders with the voucher code VIP2018.  The KORRES VIP CARD is valid for three years from receipt.

How do I buy with the VIPCARD ?

Your KORRES VIP CARD contains your individual voucher code on the back, which you enter with every order and your invoice amount is automatically reduced by 12%.


Are certain items excluded from the discount ?
No, the voucher code is valid for the complete assortment of www.korres-store.de and www.korres.store, it is also valid for already reduced special offers as well as the 1 & 1 sets of Korres Store. Here you save twice


Is there a minimum order value for the purchase with the KORRES VIP CARD ?
No, after your first purchase of 50 € there is no minimum order value for subsequent purchases.


Can I use the KORRES VIP CARD to buy Korres products in stationary shops ?
You get your VIP discount only for online purchases at www.korres-store.de and www.korres.store and for purchases in the shop KORRES Store Kassel, Europe's biggest Korres Store.


Is the KORRES VIP CARD transferable ?
No, the KORRES VIP CARD is only valid for authorized persons, a transfer and passing on is not possible.


How long is my KORRES STORE VIP CARD valid ?
Your KORRES VIP CARD is valid for two years after receipt.


I have another KORRES voucher from KORRES STORE, but I also get the KORRES VIP price advantage ? 
No, the combination of several voucher codes for the same order is unfortunately not possible. In this case, please select the voucher code with which you will achieve the highest purchase advantage.

New: For temporary promotions, your KORRES STORE VIP CARD will always automatically give you the highest discount.


I have a promotion code from KORRES STORE, can I also get the KORRES VIP price advantage ?
KORRES STORE occasionally carries out sales promotions valid for a few days, but you cannot combine the valid promotion codes with your VIP code. New from 2019: You get the highest discount with your VIP Card. 

What if I lost my KORRES VIP CARD and forgot my personal voucher code ? 
Send us an email to info@korres-store.de and we will send you a replacement card.